– who wish to realise their own ideas, visions and projects and who seek an effective and 100% loyal project team that communicates between equals and takes on responsibility for the project.


SMEs (small and medium enterprises)

– For SMEs, the digital revolution, and thus the urgently necessary confrontation with the digital transformation of one’s own company, represents the greatest challenge. In the past, thorough strategic considerations for the future were often neglected due to lack of time. There is a lack of resources and knowledge about the mechanisms of the new mega trend that is threatening their existing business model. The threat comes from three sides:

> Large companies that are already undergoing digital transformation

> Start-ups, who are at home in the digital world and who challenge existing business models with a flood of innovations (products and services)

> SMEs that have already recognised and already exploit the great opportunity provided by the digital revolution


Family firms

– that are planning to transfer control within the family or who wish to sell the company



– that wish to or must improve their strategic management! Although strategic management should have a fixed place in every company/business, this task, which is one of the most important components of management, is often neglected. Whether due to a lack of time, a lack of ideas or a lack of resources in order to be strategically active. That was already a deficit in the past! With the digital revolution, the new laws of value creation, the new ways of thinking and the high speed of the production of innovations, your entire business model is threatened!

– that wish to examine and implement business ideas beyond the core business, and which seek responsible project leadership and/or professional support in sub-areas.

– that seek approaches and methods for increasing the effectiveness of creative processes and innovation developments in their company.

– that wish to balance out insufficient capacities in management and/or a project.

– that wish to gain suggestions, ideas and options for the development and value creations of their company.

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